Understanding Different Yodify Portals Updated: Nov 12, 2019

  1. First Steps

    To understand this help section, you should know what a User Portal, Brand Portal and Seller Portal are and where to access them.

    It is also assumed that you have access to one or more additional portals. To check if you have access to multiple Portals check your Quick Links drop-down. For help to Claim a Store or to Claim a Brand, click these links.

  2. Your Different Portals

    Your Yodify account can be linked to many different Brand and Sellers, each with their own Portal. Understanding which portal you’re currently viewing and what features you have access to is important to using Yodify.

    For example, you may have a Brand page and Seller page for the same company, allowing you to create products in one and sell in the other. You may also have different permission in each portal, potentially restricting access depending on your role in the company.

    Your notifications on Yodify will display alerts for each portal you’re linked to. If you’re using more than one portal, it’s necessary to differentiate what source the information is coming from. Though it’s clearly marked, if you are not cognizant of the specifics of the notification this could lead to confusion.

  3. Sending & Receiving Messages to Different Portals

    Your portals all have unique message centers, allowing you to separate and manage multiple personas in Yodify. Your User Portal has your own personal messages, and each seller portal and brand portal have their own.

    How and where you send a message determines how the recipient will see you as the sender. It’s good practice to double check your messages to ensure you’re sending it from the intended Portal.

    Sending a message to a Brand Page or a Seller Store sends from your personal user account. The only way to send an unsolicited message is as an individual User.

    Sending Messages uses situational context to determine what name is displayed to the recipient. If you receive a message in your Brand or Seller Portal, your reply will use the name of your specific page or store.

    A User sends your Store (Bob’s Boogie Boards) a request for a quote on a product, when you respond to that message from your Seller Portal, it is on behalf of the Store, and will show your message as from “Bob’s Boogie Boards,” rather than as an individual.

    Sending a message outside of your Seller or Brand Portal will always be associated with your User profile, any further correspondence will take place in the messages section of your User Portal. For more information on messaging, click here.

  4. Managing Multiple Portals

    As your Yodify account may have multiple different Portals, it’s important to understand your intended results while using Yodify. It’s necessary to keep in mind what each Portal is for, allowing you to use features as expected.

    Use the Quick Links drop down menu to switch between portals quickly and easily, allowing you to respond and interact with the intended Portal as seamlessly as possible. If you are operating multiple Portals on Yodify, pay special attention to your incoming notifications and always double check to make sure you’re responding to your messages in the intended fashion.