Order History Updated: Nov 12, 2019

  1. Your Orders Page

    Each user on Yodify has their own orders page that has a record of all their orders. To access your orders page, use your Quick Links navigation drop-down and select the Orders link. This will bring you to your User Portal.

    This page allows you to view and navigate your orders, view order details, contact seller, submit a seller review, print your order, or cancel the order.


    When you check-out an order from your cart that contains products from multiple Sellers the order will be divided into smaller orders, with a unique 3-digit suffix assigned to each new sub-order. They will appear on your orders page as separate entries.

  2. Finding your Order

    On your Orders page you can use many different filters to help narrow down your search for your order.

    • Status by – You can restrict the page to only show orders of a specific status. You can search by new, processing, shipped, partially shipped, fulfilled, complete, or cancelled order. This is helpful if you’re looking for an order that’s in progress, or to only view completed orders
    • Sort by – You can filter the page to arrange orders by either seller name, total price, ordered date, order number, or status. This allows you to put your orders in a sorted list.
    • Order details You can search your orders by a targeted keyword and time frame. If you remember a product name or detail that would show up in the Order information, you can use this method. Common keywords to use would be a Store or product name.

    With a combination of these features you can employ different strategies to find your order.

  3. Canceling your Order

    If you’ve made an order and want to cancel, you can do so from your Orders page. If the Seller has not confirmed your order yet you can cancel your order from this screen using the red Cancel Order button.

  4. Printing your Order

    To print your order, select Order Details which brings up the individual details for an order. Once you’re viewing your specific details you have will see the option to Print your order. If you want to save this as a PDF, you can print to pdf instead of sending it to a printer.

  5. Contacting your Seller

    If you need to contact your Seller for any reason, the easiest way is from the Orders page. You can always contact the Seller from their store page but if you send a message from an Order it’s linked to that order and provides additional context for the Seller.

    To send the Seller a message from your orders page:

    • Find the Order you wish to send a message regarding.
    • Select the blue Contact Seller button.
    • Use the Subject dropdown menu to assign a relevant title for your message.
    • Fill in the message field with as much specific information as you can to better assist the Seller to understand what you need.
    • Confirm the message with the green Send button.

    By clicking send you’ve created a new message thread. If you view your Order details you will see your new message, and when the Seller replies it will show here as well. Alternatively, you can view your message in your messages section of your User Portal.