Your Seller Dashboard Updated: Nov 12, 2019

  1. What is a Seller Dashboard?

    Every Store on Yodify has their own Seller Portal, allowing the ability to edit and update their page. A Seller Portal is the behind the scenes functionality of a Store that controls all the features available to you, the Seller. The home page of the Seller Portal is the Dashboard, which allows you to view all the recent and relevant information of your Store. Like a car dashboard, all the functions of your store are clearly laid out in one place for easy review.

  2. Accessing your Seller Dashboard

    To interact with your Seller Dashboard, you need to have a Yodify account and be connected to a Store. Click here for help registering a new account. To create or claim a Store on Yodify, click here.

    You can access your Seller Dashboard from any page on Yodify by clicking on your Quick Links icon in the top right corner. When clicked, a drop-down menu appears and you can select your Seller Portal.


    You may be a Team Member of one or more Stores on Yodify, each with their own individual Seller Portal. All Sellers you’re associated with will appear in a list in your Quick Links.

  3. Using your Seller Dashboard

    Your Seller Dashboard displays recent and relevant information for your Store. Depending on what it is you’re looking for might affect how you want to use your Dashboard.

    Each section on this page is a snap-shot view representing the various pages of your Seller Portal, showing you the most relevant information at a glance. Your sales order’s section, as an example, will show your most recent orders, allowing you to easily access any new order you need to process. If you need to find an older order that isn’t being displayed, use the left navigation menu to go to the Orders page or click the view all link next to the sections title on the Dashboard.

    The Dashboard is a useful tool for checking the surface-level status of your Store. You can check if your Store has received any new messages, orders, or reviews. You’re able to see your best-selling products or if your catalog Brands have added any new products you don’t yet carry. If you want more in depth information with improved sorting functionality, you can simply navigate to the specific page you’re looking for or click the view all link next to the dashboard preview titles.