Adding Configuration Capability to a Product Updated: Nov 12, 2019

  1. Before you Begin

    To edit your product information, you need to have first added content to your catalog. You can Add a Product from Library, Add a Brand from Library, or Create a New Product.

    To start editing a product in your catalog:

    1. Access your Seller Portal for the Store you wish to edit by using your Quick Links dropdown menu in the top right of any Yodify page.
    2. On the left navigation access your Catalog and select Your Products.
    3. Identify the product you’re looking to edit by using the search functions. Search by name or restrict the results by Brand to locate your desired product.
    4. Click the White Gear Icon and select from the new menu Edit.
    5. To edit or add images use the Configurator tab.

  2. What is a Product Configurator?

    A Product Configurator supports the configuration of products based on components which can include parts, features, applications, certifications, materials, and much more. These different variations can be selected by the customer via a product configurator to help them customize the exact version of the product they’re looking to purchase. As the customer makes their selections the configurator will create a specific MPN string for that series of choices, based on your pre-determined parameters.

    A configurator can be as simple as choosing different colors for a base product, or as thorough as 100+ variables with millions of potential combinations.

    Developing the configurator properly will enable any possible product combination creating a dynamic and fully customizable product series.

  3. Adding a Product Configurator

    As mentioned, a Configurator can be straight forward or in-depth depending on the needs of your product or series. A properly made configurator is a powerful tool allowing your customers to create any conceivable combination of features you’ve made available to fit their needs.

    To make a Configurator for your product:

    • Navigate to the Configurator tab while editing an existing product
    • Check the Enable Configurator button to activate your configurator and begin the creation process
    • Click Add Configurator Option Group to bring up a new window to create your first set of options
    • Add a Name which will be displayed as the title for your group, such as Color or Material.
    • Add an optional Description for your internal records. This is not shown publicly on your product page
    • Add an MPN Parameter to determine in which order the part number assigned to this option will be displayed in the final MPN string.


    An MPN string for a product series could be XX1-XX2-XX3-X4 and different configurator option groups would determine which numbers are populated in what order. If you wanted an option to show first, the parameter would be ‘1’. When the customer chooses an option for this group the MPN assigns will be in the first section of the MPN string, allowing you to control how MPNs generate.
    If we created an option group with the name Color and assigned the parameter set to 1, we would also have options within that group for ‘Red’ ‘Blue’ etc. When the customer selects option ‘red’ this would show first in the MPN string, displaying as Red1-XX2-XX3-X4. If the customer decided to change the option to ‘blue’, this would show as Blu1-XX2-XX3-X4.
    Other option groups would then create the parameters for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sections of the MPN.

    • Add a Sort Order to tell Yodify what order to display your options on your product configurator page where 1 is the first shown. Sort order and parameters are not associated with each other and it is not necessary for them to be displayed in the same order.
    • Click Save to finish this option group
    • You can add an image for your configurator option group by dragging & dropping an image, or using the browse button to search your computer


    Now that you’ve created the first option group for your Configurator you can start populating the choices represented in that group.

    To add a configurator choice or option:

    • Locate the configurator option group you want to add choices to and click the blue + Add Choice button to bring up the Add Option menu
    • Assign a Name to this option choice as descriptive as you can. An example would be ‘red’ or ‘blue’ if your group was an option for color, or ‘15mm’ or ‘16mm’ if your group was an option for length.
    • Add a Part Number to your choice to assign what series of letters or numbers gets added to your MPN string. For example, if this was for the option ‘red’ you could make this add RED to your MPN string of RED-XX-XX-X. If your next option is the option ‘blue’, add BLU-. Each choice or option created in this way needs a Part Number to help form the MPN.
    • Sort Order lets Yodify know in which order this option is displayed within the option group. The option with the sort order of 1 will show first, followed by 2 and so on.
    • Default makes this automatically activated when the customer first comes to your product configurator page.
    • Lead Time establishes how long it will take to create or order this product if there is no inventory left. You may have a shipping time of 1 week and this lead time will add to that time based on how much lead time you require.
    • When finished you can Save this choice, or select + Save & New to continue adding choices under this option group


    You now have completed your first Configurator option and the choices that are assigned to it. Following these steps, you can finish adding more groups and choices to create all possible selections for your product.