Adding Documentation to a Product Updated: Nov 12, 2019

  1. Before you Begin

    To edit your product information, you need to have first added content to your catalog. You can Add a Product from Library, Add a Brand from Library, or Create a New Product.

    To start editing a product in your catalog:

    1. Access your Seller Portal for the Store you wish to edit by using your Quick Links drop down menu in the top right of any Yodify page.
    2. On the left navigation access your Catalog and select Your Products.
    3. Identify the product you’re looking to edit by using the search functions. Search by name or restrict the results by Brand to find your desired product.
    4. Click the White Gear Icon and select from the new menu Edit.
    5. To edit or add images use the Documentation tab.

  2. Adding Product Documentation

    All products on Yodify can benefit greatly from having complimentary resources or documentation available for the customer. These can be specific features, benefits, or technical information, which are better explained in further detail straight from the manufacturer. Yodify is designed to have a clean and easy-to-comprehend user experience on the main product page - but also give you the ability to include as much technical detail as necessary as supplementary downloads.

    Any documentation that you upload to your product can be categorized together for the customer to locate the information they’re looking for.

    To upload new documentation for your product:

    • Make sure you’re on the Documentation tab while editing an existing product
    • Add your documents by either selecting the Browse Files button to search your computer for your files or drag & drop into the allocated uploader section. You’re able to upload as many as 10 documents at once.
    • Select the green Upload button to confirm uploading the chosen files

  3. Changing Documentation Settings

    Now that you have some documents added to your product, it’s important to categorize them, so the customer can easily identify what they’re looking for. This will work both as a title for the documentation and group them together accordingly.

    To change your documentation settings:

    • Determine which document you want to edit and select the grey Gear Icon
    • Change the Name of the document if necessary. This field will be visible on your product page and should concisely describe the contents of the document.
    • Change your Category to reflect the type of document you’ve uploaded. This will group your documents together and make it easier for the customer to find what they’re looking for. There are many different categories to choose from, including Brochure, Catalog, Data Sheet, Instructions, and Product Manuals.
    • Save your changes/additions.