Understanding & Using the Product Change Log Updated: Nov 12, 2019

  1. What is a Change Log?

    A Change Log is a log or record of all changes that have been made or suggested to a product. Anyone who has created or adopted the product can view and track changes made or requested. As Yodify is a collaboration of users there are many individuals who may want to contribute to the product and the Change Log is where everything is displayed. The Change log only shows the universal information of the product such as the name, description, features, specifications, documentation, images and configurations. It does not track individual store specific information such as prices, inventory, sales reports, SKUs or MPNs.

    Using the change log, the product owner or Brand can accept or reject suggested changes to the product. As a product may be adopted by 1, 10 or even 100 different Sellers Yodify restricts who is responsible for the product and has the authority to manage it. The Brand is typically the owner of the product, though in their absence whomever created the product retains authorship. For a more detailed description of Product Ownership & Responsibilities click here.

  2. How to use the Change Log?

    The change log is ultimately used for viewing and understanding changes made to a product, or if you’re the product owner to approve or reject those suggested changes.

    There are two different ways to view a change log. While editing a product you can view the change log tab to see all the activity of that specific product. If you want to see your entire catalog, you can view the Change Log page under your Catalog navigation in your Seller Portal.

    You can use your change log the same way in either product or catalog view. You’re able to sort by any of the titles of the page, Product Name, Revision Date, Revision By, Event, Field, Values, Status, or Approvals. You can also filter this page by All, Pending, Approved or Rejected to narrow down the status further.

  3. Approve or Reject Suggested Changes

    If you’re the Product Owner, you can make changes freely to your product. Any changes made will be marked as approved automatically. If you’ve adopted a product, your editing capabilities need to be approved by the owner and will show as pending in the change log.

    When changes are made to a product of which you are the Product Owner you will receive a notification through Yodify alerting you and prompting you to review. Within your change log you can see the old value and the new value of the revision and decide to either approve or reject the recommendation.

    The Yodify community can be a power tool to help curate and refine your products. Individuals may suggest useful improvements on your product that you haven’t considered before. It’s a good strategy to work with others to help expand your catalog’s information for the benefit of all Yodify users, especially customers.