What is a Yodify Store? Updated: Nov 12, 2019

  1. What is a Yodify Store?

    A Yodify Store is an e-commerce capable microsite that allows you to showcase and sell products from multiple different Brands. With a Store, you can add products, manage inventory, set pricing, sale prices, add shipping rules, manage backorders, all to create a comprehensive online presence.

    When you create, claim, or are added to a Store as a Team Member you gain access to your Seller Portal which allows you to add content and start editing your Store.

    Some of the features of a Yodify Store include:

    • Adding existing Products and Brands directly from the Yodify Library. You can create new products or link existing products to your Store.
    • Inventory management. Adjust your inventory individually or by spreadsheet, allowing you to quickly update your stock levels.
    • Add and adjust shipping rules and restrictions based on where you want to ship your products and ensure proper pricing of large or difficult to ship products.
    • Manage your Orders and keep your sales organized and easy to access.
    • Track and reply to Customer Reviews.


    To learn more about managing a Store on Yodify click any of the following links;

  2. Creating a Yodify Store

    To start a Store on Yodify you can either claim existing information that’s already pre-loaded into Yodify’s library or create your new Store from scratch. On the top navigation on Yodify you can drop down the Sellers tab and select either Claim My Store or Create a Store. There will be a short form to complete, then you’ll be ready to start adding content to your Store.

    For a more in-depth explanation of creating a Yodify Store, click creating a Store.

    If your Store already exists and is claimed, you can request to be added as a Team Member by the Store’s administrator.