Checkout Updated: Nov 12, 2019

  1. Selecting Payment Method & Billing Address

    On this page you can add your payment information. If you have a previously used payment method on file you can select it here, otherwise you need to add a new payment method. Yodify accepts Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

    Your billing address by default is the same as your entered shipping address. If these are not the same, you can uncheck the green checkbox which allows you to enter in an alternative address.

    Yodify uses a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for a security protocol, keeping all information secure and encrypted. All data passed from your machine to Yodify remains protected, ensuring privacy.

  2. Before you Begin

    Yodify utilizes a traditional and familiar checkout process that you would expect to see on an e-commerce site. The key difference being before you begin you need to have registered an account and added products to your cart.

    There are two different ways to access your shopping cart. The first is while adding products to your cart you will see a button that says Checkout which you can select to begin the checkout process. The second method is by selecting your shopping cart icon in the top right corner of any page, allowing you to select Checkout or View Cart link.

  3. Review your Cart

    The first step is to review the products you’ve added to your cart. While reviewing your order you’re presented with a summary about your chosen product(s), their price, distributor, and condition.

    You can change quantity or remove product. This screen can also be used to go back to the product or the sellers page and investigate further.

    You cannot adjust the quantity of product higher than the inventory available from the selected seller.

    Review your Cart does not include shipping or tax information, it is only for reviewing your selected product(s). If you are satisfied with the content on this page, you can continue to the next step.

  4. Select your Address

    Yodify does not require an address on registration, so if this is your first time completing a checkout we need to know where you would like your order delivered. If you have checked out before, we save your information for next time. You may have as many address on file as you like.

    Once this form is completed Yodify will display available shipping options based on your shipping destination.

  5. Confirm Shipping

    Your order may contain products from multiple sources, so your order is separated into different shipments based on the Sellers you’re ordering from.

    From this screen you can see the different options for shipping including price and lead time. This information is calculated by the Seller based on the geographic location you provided. If the lead time is blank it’s because they haven’t supplied that information. At this point you may consider messaging the seller for more details if the shipping time is important to you. Otherwise, you can choose what fits your needs and proceed to the next step.

  6. Reviewing your Order

    The summary of your order is shown here. This is the last opportunity to make any changes you need. Throughout this page are blue links allowing you to make any adjustments to addresses, payment methods, products, etc.

    This page is also where you can add notes or instructions for the Sellers to take into consideration when shipping or preparing your order.