Finding products Updated: Nov 12, 2019

  1. Before you Begin

    There are many ways to search for content on Yodify. You can view information by Brand, Seller, category, product, industry tags, short descriptions, specifications – just about any way imaginable. Searching by Brand, Seller, or Category are the most common ways to find the content you’re looking for.

    You don’t need an account to search Yodify, and to provide you with pertinent results we provide you with information relevant to your search history. To create an account, click here.

  2. Searching by Brand

    Every product on Yodify is linked to a Brand, allowing you to use Brands to refine or clarify your search. Products always show the associated brand, either in a product view or in parenthesis on the search bar. Brands are a powerful way to search an entire product line or discover new products from a trusted source. For more information on Brands, click on What is a Brand.

    Brands can be searched & browsed in a few ways;

    1. All Brands. You can search Yodify to try and find specific a Brand. Under the Brand dropdown on the main navigation is All Brands. This feature can be used to search for brands by a specific name, a product they carry, or any keyword that might be included in their information. For example, searching up the keyword steel would result in showing brands named steel, but may also display brands that sell steel products.
    2. Using the main search bar by Brand. Using the search bar allows you to refine your search only to see brands. If you know the brand you’re looking for and only want to see the Brand, this shows only Brands, not an associated Seller, product, or category.
    3. Brand page. Once you’ve found the brand you’re looking for you can use their Brand page browse their products, as well as the sellers who represent at least one of the products in their catalog. This is a good way to find more information about the Brand or interact by messaging or leaving a review.

  3. Searching by Seller

    A single product on Yodify may have multiple different Sellers, each with their own unique price, shipping cost, and lead times. Searching by Seller is a great method if you know your favorite Seller, or if you’re trying to find the one that’s most compatible with your needs. You can use these techniques to find more information.

    You can use Sellers in a search by;

    1. Find Your Seller. You can use Find your Seller to locate your Seller on a map or discover new ones. Using a combination of keywords, geographical locations, or known brands you can narrow down your results from all Sellers on Yodify that have listed addresses.
    2. All Sellers. You can search Yodify to try and find specific Sellers. Under the Seller dropdown on the main navigation is All Sellers. Like All Brands, you can use this feature to find reputable Sellers by Brand, rating or keywords.
    3. Store page. Each Seller has their own Store, allowing them to showcase and sell various products. You can view all the available information on the Seller in their store, as well as search or browse their product catalog. Browsing products from a trusted Seller is good way of discovering additional products that you might be interested in.

  4. Searching by Category

    You may not know exactly the product you need or who sells it, but you may know the type of product you’re looking for. Brands and Sellers on Yodify are encouraged to provide Category information for their content, allowing the user to use this method to narrow down their search. Searching by Category is a great way to find related products or broadly search a topic to research more information.

    you know you need to order new gloves, so you can search the safety gloves category to view all related products. From there you can narrow it down even further, by brand, seller, or features as you refine your search.

    You can use Categories in a search by;

    1. Search all categories. Yodify is made up of a hierarchy of categories from a few top-level categories, branching down to a specific sub-categories. You can access all categories via the products drop-down on the top navigation baron every page. This page can be used to browse broader topics and refine your search from there.
    2. Search by category. When using the primary search bar on Yodify you can restrict the search to category only, allowing you to find any product that falls within your specified category. As the category structure is a hierarchy, Yodify may also display more specific sub-category suggestions as well as individual products within the search results.

    When searching for categories while on desktop, Yodify will show you bread crumbs of your category structure. This information is important to help show where you are in the category hierarchy and allow you to navigate easier on your search.

  5. Adding to Cart

    Yodify connects customers and sellers, either directly through e-commerce or indirectly by providing information for offline use. Your first step as a customer is to locate the product you’re looking for, then browse inventory from the Sellers who carry it. Not every product on Yodify will have inventory available, as Sellers may showcase the product in a non-e-commerce capacity (On-line Catalog).

    Adding a product to your cart from product page. When you search for a product on Yodify you are shown all available Sellers with inventory (or, optionally, you can see those with and without inventory). This shows you multiple Sellers, allowing you to choose one, pick your quantity, then add them to your cart via the green Add to Cart button.

    Adding product to cart from the seller page. If you’ve already chosen your Seller and are viewing the product from their own personal page, the method is very similar. Instead of seeing multiple sellers you can select the chosen SKU, pick your quantity, and use the green Add to Cart to add to your cart.

    Regardless of whether you’re browsing a Global Yodify product listing, or an individual offer from a specific Seller you can request a quote on all SKUs not listed with active inventory. Click the orange Request a Quote button next to a SKU to request additional product and/or ordering information from the associated Seller.


    You can add as many items to your cart as desired. When ready, you can access your checkout from the Quick Links menu in the top right corner of any page on Yodify.

    For more information about the checkout process, click here.