Contacting Users Updated: Nov 12, 2019

  1. How to Contact a Customer

    A Customer on Yodify cannot be contacted without them first initializing contact with the Seller or Brand. There are multiple ways a Customer can initiate contact.

    • Direct messaging a Store or Brand from their Yodify page
    • Requesting a quote from a product listing
    • Submitting an order

    Once a customer has made contact the Store or Brand can respond. If the customer has made a purchase they are stored as a customer in the Seller Portal, allowing the Seller to contact them individually in the future.


    A customer may also interact by leaving a review or a Q&A. The Brand or Seller can reply on the review or Q&A publicly, but this does not open communication though direct messages.

  2. How Messaging works on Yodify

    Yodify has a context-specific messaging system to protect from solicitation and spam, meaning you can send messages only in specified areas of Yodify, either to get information or to respond regarding a specific matter.

    As Brands and Sellers are public, any User can message them freely from their page, an order, or a quote. A User is more private can act anonymously, and for this reason they can only be replied to once the User has initiated communication.

  3. How to Contact a Seller

    A Seller on Yodify can be contacted from their main Store page with the blue contact button, or on their contact page. Anyone can message a Seller at any time.

    If you’ve placed an order with a Seller you can also reply directly from the order, allowing you to open communication with context, as the order number will be included in the message.

  4. How to Contact a Brand

    A Brand on Yodify can be contacted from their main Brand page with the grey contact button. Anyone can message a Brand at any time.