Adding a Logo to Yodify Updated: Nov 12, 2019

  1. Before you Begin

    Make sure you check the file type, size & dimensions of your Logo before you upload it to Yodify

    PC – Right click on the Image file & select Properties

    Mac – Press Option while clicking on the image file, then select Get Info

  2. Image Requirements

    File Types

    Yodify supports GIF (.gif), PNG (.png), & JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg) formats

    .pdf, .psd, .tiff, .doc files are not compatible


    File Name

    Use only letters, numbers, underscore, & hyphens in your file names. Any other characters may cause the image to upload incorrectly


    File Size

    We recommend using an image file less than 500 KB for best results & optimal loading time, though we limit each image at 5 MB.



    Logos vary greatly in their dimensions. For best results we recommend a square variation of your logo & avoid horizontally & vertically thin logos when able

  3. Image Transparency

    Throughout the Yodify website your logo will be displayed in multiple different locations. Various pages will present your logo differently, so to make your logo as versatile as possible we recommend uploading your logo with a transparent background. If you’re unsure if your logo can be transparent or not, contact your logo designer.

    Yodify is always growing and expanding its capabilities. Ensuring that your Logo has Transparency helps your Logo be future friendly as we keep adding more functionality to Yodify